Amber/Silicone for teething

Natural, healthier teething remedies.

We source our Amber direct from eastern Europe by the Baltic sea, this is why our prices are so low and why we can guarantee authenticity. 
As an extra quality assurance measure, we test every single Amber piece that we receive to ensure it is 100% Baltic Amber.
Unfortunately there are many many fakes out there, so be careful when purchasing elsewhere. 
If you have a piece you would like to test at home, contact us and we will share with you how to do it.
Note: We are waiting on our shipment of amber. Please contact us for details on what we have in stock.

We want you to love your bracelet or necklace, this is why we will work with you to design your item to your specifications.
If you do not see a bracelet or necklace that suits you and your little one, then contact us and we will show you all the colors, shapes and sizes of beads available and work with you to design your own unique piece. We can also provide you with loose beads and all necessary parts needed to make your own at home. Just contact us for details.
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Amber Teething Necklaces-mixed colors
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Amber Teething Anklet or Bracelet Assorted colors
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Silicone teething beads
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