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Distributor info

Why Distribute Unkle Maggies?
There are various ways to make extra money when you are working with a tricky schedule or need to work from home, we believe that if you are going invest time and energy in selling something, sell something you believe in. 
This is why when you sign up as a distributor we send you samples of each product to try, so you can decide if you can honestly advocate the use of the products.
When talking to people they can sense if you are just giving them lip service or actually believe in what you are offering.

Being an Unkle Maggies distributor is very different from distributing for other companies. First off we are NOT an MLM!
At no time will you be required or even asked to recruit others, you will not have to rely on others to work to generate income for you and nobody will make money off of your hard work. We also never make you pay for marketing or advertising materials.
You know those little books full of chemical based cosmetics and bathroom products you see sitting around the break room at work or pushed through your door by various neighbors, well those cost the distributor up to $1 each! The samples they give you (if you are not actually charged for them) they pay for those to.   
Finally we will never ask you to buy products up front or "stock" products. Obviously if you would like to have products on hand, you are welcome to do so but unlike other companies, we will never require it.

Finally, as an Unkle Maggies distributor you will not have to compete with hundred of other locals for customers as we only approve a limited number of distributors per zip code which actually results in you having your very own distribution area where there are no other distributors. For this reason we ask that only serious individuals who really want to make a go of it apply.

Why we have decided to offer distributing opportunities?
To date we have seen referral after referral from existing customers, those referrals have then began referring others and so on. This is because we have amazing healthy products that work and people can get behind. 
So we thought, why not reward people for these referrals and enable them to sell the products directly themselves?

The numbers
As a distributor your basic commission is 20%.
Once sell your first $100 we will send you 1000 personalized business cards free of charge.
We also have a sliding scale bonus plan as outlined here-

Gross sales in one calendar month

Bonus amount













If you choose to stock product then the the bonus amounts would be applied as discount to your order with order amount replacing "gross sales in a calendar month".

Our commission and bonus scale is incredibly competitive. 
The reason the retail price of our products is less than competitors and the reason we are willing to openly share in profit and not charge for various distribution tools is simple, we are not greedy and simply have the goal of providing every family with healthy alternatives to store bought chemical filled products or other over priced "natural" products that do not work well.

So if you are serious about becoming a distributor and you believe in families replacing harmful and ineffective products with healthy effective ones, contact us at unklemaggies@hotmail.com or via this website.

  • What if I talk to someone and they want to buy online? 
If you refer someone to the website, you will have to give them a unique code we provide you with which identifies you as the referrer. This way we can make sure you receive your commission and calendar month sales credit.

  • How do I accept non cash payment?
For credit card payments you can work with us to setup access to our "square" account. This is a payment system app that uses a small square card reader that plugs into your smartphone or tablet headphone jack. Your unique log in would allow us to identify you and again ensure you receive credit for the sale.
For checks you should instruct the customer to male checks payable to unkle maggies. Send the check to us when placing the order and ensure the customer writes your identifying code in the check. Once the check clears the order will be mailed and you will receive the appropriate commission and sales credit.

  • What if a customer has questions I can't answer?
One thing you should never do is try to provide answers you are not sure of. If a customer has difficult questions, provide them Unkle Maggies phone number or email and have them contact us. Again provide them with your unique code so that any resulting sales are credited to you.

  • What if a customer is not happy with or wants to return an item?
To date this has not happened, but in the unlikely event this does happen, you should remember and convey that the customers satisfaction is of the greatest importance to us and we can either work with you or the customer directly to provide them with either a replacement or custom item that does meet their needs and expectations.

  • Will I have to study and learn material to sell Unkle Maggies?
As a distributor we expect you to have at least a basic understanding and knowledge of our products and ingredients and how they work as well as the benefits over pharmaceuticals and chemical filled store bought alternatives. We will work with you to make sure you have access to relevant materials to build a foundation of knowledge.

  • Do I have to use all of the products myself in order to sell Unkle Maggies? 
While we do not require this it is desired. You do not have to use every item but we would like you to at least either use one or two items regularly or test the products so you can speak from first hand experience when sharing about the products with customers.

  • What if I have questions now or later?
You can contact us anytime and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
We are here to, and enjoy, working with and supporting you in order to aid your success.

NOTE: As a distributor you are NOT an employee of Unkle Maggies, you are considered an independent distributor/contractor and are responsible for your own tax reporting and payments. Unkle Maggies will NOT assume responsibility for any with holdings such as income tax, sdi etc.