Product info

Ingredients (All Organic):
Shea Butter
Coconut oil
Bees wax
Arrowroot powder
Sodium Bicarbonate
Essential Oils

Our best seller, our deodorant does more than just make you smell good. Using only the purest therapeutic grade essential oils, our deodorant has tremendous therapeutic value.
Due to the therapeutic nature of our deodorant you may consider not only choosing your scent based on what smells good to you, but also base your choice on any ailments or specific needs you may have.
For example, lemongrass has many uses one of which is antibacterial/microbial and odor fighting. Lemongrass essential oil has been used for centuries for this purpose and is perfect in combating difficult to eliminate body odor.
Another example is in our lavender and tea tree deodorant. Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties and tea tree oil has been used to help open milk ducts, so it is a favorite with our pregnant ladies who either have or want to prevent blocked milk ducts.
If you need help identifying what essential oil will address your specific needs, feel free to email us.

Our deodorant is consistently rated as better than all competitors by our customers, this is why we believe the best testimony to our deodorant is not in our research but in our customers and friends who swear by it. With its all day action it is a favorite with many law enforcement, nursing, paramedics and military personnel. To us, that says it all.
Either choose from a scent in stock or go to the "custom orders" page to learn how to craft your own product at no extra cost.

Healing Oil / Salve
Ingredients (All organic):

Olive Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Calendula flowers
Chamomile flowers
Bees Wax (Salve only)
Essential oils

***Please note that essential oils and the natural remedies we provide, while having been used and worked for millions for hundreds of years, are not approved by the FDA for most, if not all, therapeutic or curative use. Our responses to your questions and recommendations are based on hundreds of years of natural, Scottish apothecary, Chinese and homeopathic medicine which are not supported by large pharmaceutical companies and as a result the FDA. You follow our recommendations and use our products at your own risk.
Our recommendations are in no way to be used in lieu of speaking with your physician or other health professional.***